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Cab driver crashes into crowd exiting San Diego nightclub

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2011 | Personal Injury |

A serious crash outside of a San Diego club last Saturday left approximately 35 people injured, including one woman who nearly lost her leg. The victims were exiting Stingaree-a popular nightlife destination-when a cab driver drove his car into the crowd.

Investigators remain unsure why the dramatic car accident occurred. As of yet, local police officers have found no evidence that the driver was intoxicated or driving recklessly. However, eyewitness reports point to the possibility that the cab driver either blacked out or fell asleep behind the wheel.

The accident occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, as many Stingaree patrons were heading home after a night of pre-Valentine’s day celebrations. Witnesses report that the crowd was taken completely off guard by the sudden approach of the cab driver’s vehicle, which proceeded to plow through the pedestrians and trap one woman against a wall.

The woman suffered a serious leg injury as a result of the collision, but quick thinking on behalf of the Stingaree staff and other bystanders allowed doctors to save the limb after the victim was quickly transported to the emergency room.

Since the accident, reporters have discovered blemishes on the driving record held by the cab driver responsible for the injuries. He has received five traffic violations and was charged with misdemeanor battery, although the charges were later dropped. However, the cab company that hired the driver reported that they have received no previous complaints regarding his driving habits.

No criminal charges have yet to be brought against the driver for Saturday’s accident, but police officers say they will continue to investigate the case over the next few weeks. Many of the accident’s victims have already begun the process of filing for injury compensation.

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