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Worker Suffers Injuries in Trench Collapse in South Park

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2011 | Personal Injury |

Of the many dangerous conditions under which construction workers operate, working in a trench is often one of the scariest. When a trench collapses, or caves in, it can bury workers and subject them to crushing pressure, which makes rescue difficult or impossible. Recently, a man in the South Park-area found himself in just such a predicament, but was fortunate enough to escape due to a quick rescue.

The construction accident took place near a home in the 1800 block of 29th street where some workers had apparently dug a trench and were working on repairing a leak in the foundation of a home. The recent storms had reportedly flooded the basement of the home and the worker was attempting to patch the foundation. At some point, the trench collapsed and buried the man in dirt and mud up to his chest, pinning him against a cement wall.

Eventually people from around the neighborhood heard the man’s calls for help and began trying to dig him out. San Diego Fire and Rescue also responded and assisted in getting the man out of the trench. He had apparently been buried with his legs pinned behind him and his shovel in between his legs, which made the rescue efforts more complicated.

Using several small shoves and a vacuum, the man was eventually freed after more than an hour of digging. The victim was reportedly had to be given pain medication and drugs to aid with blood circulation due to the tremendous pressure exerted on his body while he was buried. He was reportedly taken to a trauma center and is expected to recover.

Source:, Man Trapped in South Park-Area Trench Rescued, 12/28/10



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