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Dog Bites U.S. Airways Flight Passenger

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2010 | Dog Bites |

In this holiday season, more and more people are traveling to visit family. Part of that family includes the dog, of course. Last week, dog bites forced a US Airways flight to make an emergency landing.

In this case, it was an 89-year-old owner bringing her 12-pound Manchester terrier along. The owner let the dog out of its cage, but the dog’s sedatives began to wear off. The passenger sitting next to the woman tried to calm the dog, but his efforts rewarded him with a bite.

The dog then got loose and ran up and down the main aisle of the plane. The dog was agitated and barking so a flight attendant grabbed the dog, only to be bitten as well.

The pilot has to do what is in the best interest of safety, meaning he had to get the two dog bite victims medical attention. If not treated properly, dog bites can become seriously infected. Dogs’ teeth are angled like a crescent. When a person tries to clean the wound, it is difficult to get it completely clean because the bite usually curves and can be deep.

In Southern California, with few exceptions, the dog’s owner is financially and legally responsible for any injuries their dog causes. In cases where a child is injured, psychological damage can occur as well.

A dog that cannot be controlled at all times should not be taken on an airplane. In the case of this dog bite, the injuries were not serious and the passenger and flight attendant were fortunate.

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