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The Effect of Texting Bans on Car Accident Rates

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2010 | Car Accidents |

According to a recent study by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), texting bans haven’t lowered the rate of car accidents. In fact, crash rates seem to be going up.

Researchers from the institute looked at four states which currently have texting bans in place. All four states reported a rise in car accidents among drivers below the age of 25. As Meredith Melnick reports in TIME, the reason for this may be fairly simple.

People are still texting behind the wheel. Obviously, but this is still troubling for legislators.

Whether or not your state has banned texting in the car (Californiahas), you don’t have to drive far to see someone furiously typing astheir car glides down the road.

Many of these texters would say that they are just looking downquickly, or simply reading a message. What they don’t seem to realizeis that tragedy can happen in a matter of seconds.

California was one of the states that the HLDI looked it. Comparedto nearby states without texting bans, researchers found California tobe unchanged and reasonably consistent in terms of car accident rates.

Simply put, since the laws have been put into place, California hasnot become safer. The drivers themselves do not seem any more consciousof the danger they are putting themselves and other in.

The response from those still waiting for the new laws to have aneffect has been, well, to continue waiting. The laws are young, to besure, but the lack of a downward shift and the appearance of what maybe an upward one is still cause for concern.

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