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It’s Official, San Diego has Terrible Roads

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2010 | Car Accidents |

It’s a well-documented fact that city streets in San Diego and across California can be dangerous for drivers, bikers and pedestrians. Now, a research group based in Washington, D.C. has released data citing the road itself as a something for San Diego citizens to watch for.

The “national transportation research group” ranked San Diego the eighth worst city in the country for its poorly maintained roads. The study focused on things like potholes, cracks and deteriorating blacktop – all things that can contribute to a bumpy ride, or worse – auto accidents.

San Diego was not the only California city on the list; they weren’t even the worst in the state. San Jose and Los Angeles ranked number one and two, respectively, and San Francisco-Oakland was slotted at fifth worst.

While potholes are bad on your vehicle’s shocks, mechanical maintenance is far from the only downside associated with deteriorating roads. Sudden changes in the road can cause drivers to swerve or “bounce” out of their lane, especially if the driver is not paying close attention or gripping the wheel tightly enough.

For cyclists, the hazard is even greater. Even potholes and cracks that would be small for a car can cause cyclists to lose their balance or fly over the handlebars. In a city where traffic is dense and fast-moving, loss of control can mean severe injuries or even death.

What are state officials doing to fix the problem?

With state budgets projected to fall $127 billion below the amount needed to maintain transportation networks, according to Robert J. Hawkins, the answer may be “not much.”

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