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Dog Attack in California Kills Small Child, Grandfather in Jail

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2010 | Dog Bites |

Three Pit Bulls attacked and killed a two-year-old boy in California last Thursday after the toddler wandered into his grandfather’s garage, where the dogs were being kept. All three of the dogs involved in the attack were owned by Steven Hayashi, who had five Pit Bulls in total.

The other two dogs were in the yard at the time.

No one noticed little Jacob Bisbee wander over to the garage, which was connected to the house, but his four-year-old brother soon alerted their grandmother to the toddler’s disappearance. By the time she reached him, tragically, it was already too late.

Steven Hayashi is currently being held in the county jail on $120,000 bail and faces charges of child endangerment and “possessing a mischievous animal that causes death.” So far, he has not attempted to make excuses, but his conduct prior to the fatal dog attack is questionable at best.

Perhaps the biggest question is why one of the dogs involved in the attack, named Kiwi, was even there to begin with – especially with children present. By all accounts, the dog had already shown aggression on previous occasions and was considered more dangerous than any of the other dogs in the home.

Hayashi has admitted that he believes the Pit Bull killed his pet Chihuahua, just before his two step-grandsons moved into his home in Concord, and that he did not trust it around the children.

All five dogs were taken in by authorities and euthanized following the attack.

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