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Cold Water and Fast Rivers Mean Caution for California Boaters and Swimmers

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2010 | Boating Accidents |

Boaters in California should be on the lookout for faster rivers and colder water, according to the National Weather Service, Snow storms pummeled the Sierra Nevada late last winter and, now, that snow is beginning to melt, rivers and lakes are swelling and cooling. 

Add another storm later this week and the expected two inches of rainfall believed to be with it, and you’ve got a lot of melting snow. That’s not all.

According to the Sacramento Bee, warmer temperatures following the rain will increase the rate of melting snow even more, dumping greater amounts of water into California lakes and rivers that are already at capacity.

For boaters and swimmers planning to go out next weekend, that means practicing extra caution. Earlier this week, the California weather service asked citizens to be careful and noted a high risk of flooding along rivers in Modoc and Siskiyou counties.

For boaters, it is important that life jackets are worn at all times. Young children, too, should use a life jacket even if they are excellent swimmers. In cold water, the body will start to shut down. As it scrambles to retain heat at the core, your extremities will begin to go numb.

When this happens it can be hard to swim to safety.

In the event of a boat accident, the life jacket could save your life. The same goes for young swimmers. Even older swimmers are strongly advised to wear life jackets and, at the least, practice caution and not go swimming alone.

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