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Family of Boy Killed in Boating Accident Still Press on in Court

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2010 | Boating Accidents |

The parents of Anthony DeWeese, the eight-year-old boy killed last December in a fatal boating accident during San Diego’s Parade of Lights, continue to fight in court for proper accountability.  Anthony passed away last year following traumatic injuries sustained when a U.S. Coast Guard vessel struck the boat driven by his father. Five other passengers on the DeWeese boat also suffered serious injuries.

Since the boating accident, many in San Diego have come forward to report incidents involving Coast Guard members engaging in unsafe practices on the water. In the DeWeese case, several witnesses have vouched for reports that the Coast Guard boat was traveling at a high rate of speed immediately before the accident.

The Coast Guard has maintained that crew members were responding to a beached boat at the time of the accident, though has refrained from offering too much information, citing the ongoing investigation.

The three families involved in the accident have filed a lawsuit against the federal government for wrongful death and negligence, claiming that Coast Guard officials knew the crew involved was not adequately trained. They also claim that the Coast Guard did not provide sufficient supervision of the crew and cite several prior incidents involving the crew.

They hope that the case will prompt a refinement of Coast Guard operations in the San Diego area.

The Port of San Diego’s Harbor Police have already completed a full report of the incident and handed it off to the district attorney’s office. Another group, The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is also investigating the boating accident, but results are not expected for many more months.

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