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San Diego Dog Reminds People to ‘Paw it Forward’

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2010 | Brain Injuries |

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders declared April 29 “Paw (Pay) it Forward Day.” It was a day to remind San Diegans that it’s the little random kindnesses in life that count and it was inspired by a dog whose life is dedicated to helping others. Ricochet, a two-year-old golden retriever, was a one-time service dog, but it wasn’t really for her — she was more interested in chasing birds than her training. Her owner, Judy Fridono, decided that rather than release her from service, she would teach her to surf.  Now Ricochet puts her surfing skills to use raising money for charitable causes.

Ricochet has especially made a difference in the lives of two boys from the San Diego area. To date, she has raised over $6,000 to help pay for therapies for a boy with a brain injury  he suffered when involved in a car accident that killed his parents. For the other teenage boy, who is a quadriplegic since being hit by a car when he was a baby, she has raised over $10,000 toward physical therapy. Through his physical therapy, the boy has managed to become an adaptive surfer.

Paying it forward means that a person responds to a kindness or good deed done to them by committing a good deed for another person in return. The boys Ricochet helps are paying it forward by delivering dog biscuits to local animal shelters.

Ricochet is the official ambassador for San Diego’s Paw it Forward Day. Her owner reminds San Diegans that the day is meant to remind San Diegans to make doing good deeds an integral part of their everyday lifestyle.


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