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3 ways to make your morning commute safer

In the United States, approximately 120 million people commute to work every day. With that many people on the road, the risk of an accident is significant. This means that twice a day, on the way to work and on the way home, you have a higher chance of becoming involved in an accident than you do when you drive to the supermarket on Saturday morning.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of a car wreck the next time you drive through San Diego on your way to work. The following tips can help you stay safe during your commute.

San Diego area worker dies in forklift accident

A man whom family members said was very safety minded and even read machinery safety and training manuals in his spare time died after a tragic forklift accident at work. The man was in his 50s and had just purchased a new house. He had been working in his profession since he was 16.

According to reports of those who investigated the accident, the man somehow hit a column of concrete while he was operating his forklift. The jolt of the impact apparently caused the man to fall out of the forklift, but the forklift did not stop. The machine backed over the man, leaving him crushed under its weight. The man died at the scene of the accident.

California the worst state for poor driving

You enjoy heading out and traveling, but it seems like every time you do, you're putting yourself in harm's way. You don't think that the drivers around you are really that bad, but is it just a coincidence that you've nearly been hit so many times?

The truth of the matter is that California's drivers do actually rank the worse in the entire country. The reason for being ranked so horribly comes down to drunk driving, congested freeways and distractions behind the wheel.

Common causes of a scaffolding accident

Many construction workers in the San Diego area have to work on building or fixing the city's skyscrapers and other tall structures. Even when they are working on structures of relatively modest height, scaffolding is going to be an essential part of the construction project.

While necessary, scaffolding is often to blame for construction accidents which can, in the worst case scenario, leave a worker permanently disabled or even dead.

Pet owners can prevent a dog bite

San Diego, California, residents who have the misfortune of getting bitten by a dog may feel somewhat sorry for the owner of the animal, particularly if the owner seems apologetic about what happened and generally nice.

They may figure that the owner cannot control when or if a dog bites someone, and so they be reluctant to ask that owner to pay for medical bills, lost wages and non-economic damages, even though they have every right to do so under California's strict liability standard for injuries of this nature.

Motorcycle safety starts with the motorcyclist

Motorcycle safety is very important for all riders in the city. Most people who ride motorcycles are mindful drivers who take safety very seriously. Still, it is a good idea for everyone on motorcycles to brush up on practices that might help them to get home safely at the end of every ride.

Even if you have been riding for a while, it is always a good idea to review basic safety points. Here are a few to consider:

We represent independent contractors hurt at work

Workers' compensation is available to most full-time employees in California, but it may not be available to every work. As a previous post on this blog mentioned, many San Diego, California workers operate on daily basis as independent contractors, meaning that they, at least in theory, are not the employee of the firm which is paying them but are rather more like service providers one hires on a job-by-job basis.

This arrangement may be great in the sense that it gives a certain amount of freedom to the worker, but independent contractor status is not what a worker really wants to have when they get hurt at work, especially if they have no means themselves to pay for their injuries and resulting lost earnings.

Can I get workers' comp if I'm an independent contractor?

Many San Diego businesses regularly use independent contractors to help them carry on their operations. In most cases, this is understandable enough. After all, no one is going to hire a person to wash the windows full time or, for many businesses, even clean the office.

Instead, it is usually more economical in such circumstances just to hire another business or individual to do the job, much like a private person hires repair professionals to fix his or her house or car.

How to stay safe when working on scaffolding

Depending on your job, you may find yourself working on scaffolding every now and again. While this sounds simple enough, you should never overlook the fact that one misstep could cause a serious accident.

There are many steps you can take to remain safe when working on scaffolding, including but not limited to the following:

  • Proper inspection. You don't want to use scaffolding before inspecting it for defects or damage. Don't get into the habit of believing that scaffolding lasts forever, as this isn't true.
  • Avoid an overload. Scaffolding can only hold so much weight. You need to know the limit and then do whatever it takes to ensure that it's not exceeded.
  • Place scaffolding on stable and level ground. Neglecting to do so greatly increases the chance that the equipment will fail, thus causing a fall.
  • Lock wheels in place before use, to keep the scaffolding from moving.
  • Wear the appropriate shoes, such as those that are non-slip.
  • Don't place anything on the edge of the scaffolding, as this can lead to an item falling to the ground below (and striking another worker).
  • Don't place scaffolding in close proximity to power lines. As a general rule of thumb, there should be a minimum of 10 feet of space.

High-school athlete killed in car accident

A tragic car accident in Alpine, California, a town about 30 miles east of San Diego, ended with the tragic death of a high school athlete who had recently been honored for his noteworthy football skills.

The family has asked to grieve privately, but several people who interacted with the athlete expressed their condolences. For its part, the school where the athlete attended is providing grief counseling to students.

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