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San Diego infant attacked, injured by pit bull

A pit bull reporters described as "large" who was owned by a family friend attacked a two-month-old without warning. The incident happened in a San Diego neighborhood in a backyard.

The infant had her skull cracked and also had her eye damaged. She also suffered a traumatic brain injury in the form of a puncture presumably caused by the dog's clamping its teeth down on the child's head. The baby girl had surgery the same day the incident happened.

Finger injuries: More serious than you may think

If you've ever gotten a paper cut, you know how quickly a single injury can impact your life. You instantly realize how often you use your fingers, how often you press down or on things, move and adjust. Fingers are some of the most often-used body parts, and any injury to them is life-changing immediately.

From sprains to fractures to amputations, finger injuries cause an immediate disruption in your life. You may not be able to type, pick up a cup or paint, for example. If not treated appropriately, these injuries could have life-long implications.

We help clients navigate the appeal process

A previous post on this blog talked about a San Diego, California worker's right to pursue an administrative or even judicial appeal after her workers' compensation claim gets wrongfully denied or mishandled in some way.

However, even if it is not a good decision, appealing any decision of an employer or insurance company is not just a matter of writing a letter or speaking informally with an official. There are a lot of procedural hoops and deadlines that one has to meet in order even to have an opportunity to initiate or continue an appeal.

Laceration horrors: How a cut can cause complications

When you go to your workplace, you know you face hazards on the job. You work in a field that is fairly dangerous, and you are constantly exposed to sharp objects and heavy machinery.

Recently, you were seriously hurt on the job when your arm was caught in a spinning blade. The lacerations were deep and put you in a difficult position. If the wound doesn't begin to heal well, you could face surgery or, worse, lose your arm.

How an appeal works in a workers' compensation case

It is an unfortunate fact that many workers in the San Diego area wind up getting hurt on the job. Workplace accidents can happen to anyone, including industrial workers, construction workers and even workers who work in white collar positions that are generally thought of as relatively safe.

In theory, injured workers in California are eligible for workers' compensation benefits on a no-fault basis, meaning that one would think that an employee who has been through a workplace accident will be able to get the benefits to which they are entitled without difficulty.

Motorcyclist in critical condition after head on crash

In Fallbrook, about an hour away from San Diego, the driver of a passenger vehicle ran head-on in to a motorcyclist. The force of the impact threw the motorcyclist from his vehicle and caused him to land in the dirt alongside the road.

Authorities described the motorcyclist's injuries as "serious." The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

After a construction accident, is workers' comp it?

A San Diego construction worker who gets hurt while on the job may have a lot going through his or her mind right after the accident. In addition to everything else, the worker is likely going to start doing some fast math to figure out how much he or she is going to need to both pay all the bills and keep a steady stream of income flowing in to his or her household.

Of course, this worker can, and should, file a workers' compensation claim after the accident to get help in this respect. Workers' compensation benefits are available to employees on a no-fault basis, meaning that they don't have to prove someone else was at fault or negligent before getting benefits. Ordinarily, just proving that an injury accident happened at work is enough.

Head impacts and the hardhat: Vital safety equipment

Hardhats are among the most important pieces of equipment that construction workers use. They protect your head against falling objects and against bumps with fixed objects. If there's a risk of coming into contact with electrical hazards, the hat is even somewhat protective.

If there are hazardous conditions present that could result in falling items, electrical exposure or head impacts, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to provide hardhats for employees in the workplace. This extremely important type of personal protective equipment could save lives and prevent serious injuries.

Safety matters: Road construction zones

As a highway worker, you're one of the many people put at risk on the roads. You have to work around moving traffic in some cases, and, depending on the location, may face serious harm if you're not cautious.

Roadway maintenance is a necessity, but it's also dangerous for those who perform the work. Working within inches of traveling motorists is never easy, and there's always a threat that a driver could strike you. Highway work zones are known for their significant risks and potential for construction-related or traffic-related injuries.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week a time to remember victims

The second week in April, which in 2018 is April 8 through April 14, marks National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and many of those who work with dogs are commemorating the occasion in a number of ways.

This week is, however, also an appropriate time to remember the victims of dog bites both in the San Diego area and elsewhere in California.

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