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Safety standards apply to construction equipment

Although of course San Diego, California, construction workers should do what they can to stay safe around their equipment and thus prevent construction accidents, it is ultimately the responsibility of the employer to provide safe and properly working equipment that will not hurt the employer's staff.

Furthermore, the manufacturer of the equipment itself also has the responsibility for designing and making a safe product or, when it is not possible to get rid of all danger, at least adequately warning the user of the product of the possibility of harm.

Tips to keep your fingertips: Table saw safety for the workplace

If you work with a table saw on a regular basis, you're in danger of losing your fingertips in a saw accident. Just look at your co-workers who have been on the job for decades. There's a good chance that some of them are missing a finger, or part of a finger.

As frightening as the prospects of losing a finger are, you can rest assured that, by following the saw safety tips listed below, you can eliminate nearly every table saw danger.

Truckers have to be ready to stop

Even more so than the drivers of passenger cars, truck drivers absolutely must leave themselves plenty of time to stop their vehicles and do so safely. If they do not meet this important responsibility, they can cause serious rear-end car accidents. Moreover, because trucks weigh so much, rear-end accidents that might have been a minor fender-bender if it involved a car can turn fatal.

To go over some numbers, even traveling at a "normal" highway speed of 65 miles per hour, a fully loaded truck is going to require over 450 feet to stop, which is the length of one football field plus half the length of another.

3 tips for record-keeping after a work injury

You went to work, and it seemed like a day like any other. It was fairly easy and you even thought you'd get to go home early. Unfortunately, one wrong move made your day into a nightmare. A coworker turned on machinery when you were in the way, and now you have serious injuries to recover from.

After you're hurt on the job, it's important to file a workers' compensation claim. To make your claim, you should keep all receipts and bills that you have related to your injuries.

Construction workers hurt when scaffolding falls

At least three members of a construction crew suffered what authorities described as serious injuries while working on a project in the San Diego area near Petco Park.

Authorities said that the workers were all on a scaffolding platform and were working about 16 feet above the surface. The platform upon which they were standing gave way without warning, causing the workers, and a bunch of the scaffolding and other equipment, to fall.

Assistance after a deadly machinery accident

A previous post on this blog talked about the tragic death of San Diego forklift operator who recently died when he was accidentally crushed by the heavy piece of equipment. The man had decades of experience operating forklifts and was, according to his family, very safety conscious.

Being around heavy machinery is a fact of life for many construction workers and industrial workers, and they should of course try to learn how to remain safe around such equipment. However, ultimately, employers bear the financial and legal responsibility for keeping their workers safe around forklifts and other heavy, dangerous equipment.

A friend's dog could be the most dangerous dog

Dog bites can happen anywhere at any time. It doesn't even matter how big or small the dog is -- or whether the dog belongs to a friend -- any animal can attack unpredictably.

Considering the generally unpredictable nature of animals, dogs that belong to friends can be some of the most dangerous. Children and adults visiting the home of a friend, for example, could be taken completely off guard in the case of a dog attack.

3 ways to make your morning commute safer

In the United States, approximately 120 million people commute to work every day. With that many people on the road, the risk of an accident is significant. This means that twice a day, on the way to work and on the way home, you have a higher chance of becoming involved in an accident than you do when you drive to the supermarket on Saturday morning.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of a car wreck the next time you drive through San Diego on your way to work. The following tips can help you stay safe during your commute.

San Diego area worker dies in forklift accident

A man whom family members said was very safety minded and even read machinery safety and training manuals in his spare time died after a tragic forklift accident at work. The man was in his 50s and had just purchased a new house. He had been working in his profession since he was 16.

According to reports of those who investigated the accident, the man somehow hit a column of concrete while he was operating his forklift. The jolt of the impact apparently caused the man to fall out of the forklift, but the forklift did not stop. The machine backed over the man, leaving him crushed under its weight. The man died at the scene of the accident.

California the worst state for poor driving

You enjoy heading out and traveling, but it seems like every time you do, you're putting yourself in harm's way. You don't think that the drivers around you are really that bad, but is it just a coincidence that you've nearly been hit so many times?

The truth of the matter is that California's drivers do actually rank the worse in the entire country. The reason for being ranked so horribly comes down to drunk driving, congested freeways and distractions behind the wheel.

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