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Bitten by a dog? Use your attorney during the claim's process

You had met the dog that attacked you dozens of times before. It was always a little bit of an aggressive pet, but it wasn't biting people. Instead, it would use its mouth playfully on you and get a bit rough, as dogs do since dogs never know their own strength in terms of potential consequences to humans.

You weren't familiar with the breed, and you thought it was just playing. Unfortunately, it got out of hand the last time you arrived to your friend's home. The dog became upset at not getting the attention it wanted, and it clenched down on your arm.

What are the dog bite laws in California?

Owning a dog is a fun and exciting. Having a bond, relationship and a companionship is a positive experience. However, along with the fun come the responsibilities. A dog owner must ensure that the dog is well cared for but they must also make sure that the dog does not harm any one that comes into contact with them. A dog bite can be a serious situation, resulting in a victim suffering serious physical, mental, emotional and financial damages.

California code indicates that an owner of any dog is liable to the damages suffered by another person when a dog bites him or her while in a public place or when they are lawfully permitted in a private place. This includes being on the property of the dog owner and whether or not the owner had knowledge of his or her dog's vicious tendencies.

Typing can lead to workplace injuries

While you may not think that your office job is particularly strenuous, the reality is that there are still hazards you could face. One of those hazards is a repetitive stress injury from typing. If you work an eight hour day at the computer, then you're aware that you're frequently using a mouse, typing and moving in similar ways throughout the day.

There are some symptoms of typing-related injuries that you should be aware of. If you recognize them early on, it's possible to adjust and reduce the strain you place on your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. Here's a little more about typing injuries.

Seeking workers' comp for a back injury

Suffering an injury in the workplace can be a serious situation. While some injuries are easy to overcome, only requiring a few days to recover, others can cause an employee to suffer for weeks, months and even years. When a back injury occurs in the work environment, a worker could endure much pain and suffering, requiring much medical attention and even time off work to recover.

There are a variety of situations that could lead to a back injury in the workplace. This could either be the result of one event or the cumulative effect of repetitive actions. This could include reaching while lifting, poor posture, staying in one position for too long, bad body mechanics, poor physical condition, poor design of a work station, repetitive lifting, twisting while lifting, bending while lifting, maintaining a bent posture, fatigue, poor footing, lifting with forceful movement and vibrations, such as those in a lifted ruck.

Helping you recover compensation after a car crash

We live in a society that relies on motor vehicles. While these are efficient ways to get around, automobiles present many dangers. Beyond the fact that motorists and passengers are traveling at a high rate of speed among many motor vehicles, there is a growing chance that a driver will be traveling while also using their cellphone. Distracted driving is a serious situation that far too often causes serious and fatal collisions.

California roadways can get very busy and congested. This can create a dangerous situation, as vehicles are traveling very close to one another. Another concern is that drivers may be in a rush, causing them to not drive safely as they are speeding and weaving between vehicles. What can be even more hazardous is when a driver is on their cellphone. Not paying attention for even a brief moment could result in a serious collision.

Avoid injuries from falling objects with these tips

When you're working in construction, one of the hazards you face is the risk of getting hit by falling objects. You might work below your coworkers on the same building or walk through areas where falling objects could be a threat.

The important thing to do is to take steps to make sure you can avoid these objects on the job. The last thing you want is to end up with a head or brain injury as a result of a falling object.

Are teen drivers more likely to be involved in car accidents?

Obtaining a driver's license is an exciting event. It often signifies when a teenager has transitioned towards adulthood, as they are given much more privileges. But that is exactly what driving a motor vehicle is, a privilege. And this privilege comes with many responsibilities. New and teen drivers tend to create more dangers on the road, as they are not as experienced as other drivers. Even more so, these drivers have less experience trying to prevent distractions. Thus, they are more likely to text while driving and partake in risky behaviors behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Are teen drivers more likely to be involved in car accidents? Data from 2015 indicates that 2,333 U.S. teens between the ages of 16 and 19 were killed in automobile accidents. Another 235,845 were treated in the emergency department for injuries suffered from an automobile collision. Based on this data, this means roughly 6 teens die every day in motor vehicle crashes.

Who is most prone to text and drive in California?

Driers are faced with many decisions. They not only need to decide their route, they also need to determine how they will act in certain conditions. While motorists are required to follow the rules of the road, many decide to travel faster than the posted speed limit. In other cases, a driver may fail to signal a turn or lane change. And in some instances, a driver may use their cellphone while they are driving.

The state of California will soon celebrate 10 years of having no texting and driving law and hands-free cell phone law. Because the state was concerned with the number of collisions occurring on the roadway, finding that cellphone use was causing these numbers to increase, the state decided it was best to implement these laws.

Car accidents: What is negligence?

The typical private citizen in the United States who suffers catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle accident cannot hope to personally finance the costs associated with his or her medical care, nor the long-term costs of physical rehabilitation programs that follow this care. This is why drivers must carry car insurance -- to pay for the financial costs associated with the injuries they cause to other individuals as a result of their own fault, negligence or unlawful behavior.

In order to receive financial compensation from an at-fault driver, however, injured plaintiffs may need to establish the fault or liability of the other party. The primary way of doing this involves proving that a party (or parties) were negligent, and this negligence caused or contributed to the accident and injuries.

Helping recover workers' comp following a construction accident

When we drive by a construction site in California and elsewhere, we often think to ourselves what might be constructed. Is it a new home? Could it be a new store? Or maybe it is an office building. No matter what is being constructed, though, the reality is that numerous construction workers will participate in the building and completion of the structure. While these workers are trained and provided safety equipment, this is not always enough to protect one from dangerous situation. Unfortunately, construction site accidents occur, resulting in serious injuries to workers.

While it is well known that construction sites can be dangerous, most construction companies take the time to ensure that safe work habits are practiced and workers are properly trained. Unfortunately, this only protects a worker so much. Unexpected risks and dangers could occur or safely equipment could fail. In these matters, a serious fall accident could occur, severely injuring a construction worker.

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