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What could be an important factor after your work injury?

If you are a construction worker, you know how hard you work to earn a living wage. There have been many advancements over the years in improving worker safety and health, but no fool-proof solutions. Work accident injuries can still happen and construction workers are one of the most affected group of workers, statistically, to experience these injuries. There are a few things to consider before taking action after a construction workers' accident injury.

There are several regulatory groups involved in preventing worker injury, such as OSHA. However, construction worker injuries still occur at a frequent rate. All employers are required to have insurance to support workers' comp injury victims when an injury renders them unable to work. Taking advantage of workers' compensation isn't automatic - one must seek out this temporary form of financial assistance.

Repetitive strain injuries: 5 things to keep in mind

Repetitive strain injuries are a problem that many workers face in the United States. Repetitive stain can be caused by any repetitive motions, from typing at a desk to using the same construction equipment each day.

The fortunate thing about these injuries is that they are typically preventable with good ergonomics and some adjustments to your day. Here are five things to do to prevent and treat repetitive injuries.

Loved one's fatal accident could lead to wrongful death lawsuit

One way to potentially help ease the burden of the loss of a loved one is to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit, if negligence is suspected or known in connection with the loved one's passing.

Whether the loved one's fatal accident happened at work, while driving or some other way, there could be others who are responsible or who failed to uphold a duty of care. The failure to do so could have directly or indirectly caused a person's fatal accident. At our law firm, we understand that taking the proper steps after a loved one's fatal accident is crucial. There could be a police report or other documentation or investigation that is important to your wrongful death case, in which you may be able to seek damages for the losses suffered due to your loved one's death.

California law protects and helps dog bite victims

The legal process in California stands at the ready to protect victims of dog bites and dog attacks when they have been harmed. Victims of dog bites and dog attacks can suffer serious harm that is physical, financial and emotional in nature.

In California, dog and other pet owners are strictly liable for the harm caused by their dog or pets. This means that regardless of the circumstances, dog and other pet owners may be liable to compensate the victim for the damages they have suffered. Damages may include medical expenses, lost wages while the victim is away from work recovering and pain and suffering damages. Being unexpectedly attacked by a dog can be traumatic which is why damages for emotional suffering may be available.

Don't bike with your headphones on

It's time for a nice morning bike ride around San Diego. You throw on your shorts and a tank top, roll your bike out to the street, put on a helmet and get on. Right before you pedal off, you put your headphones over your ears and bring up your favorite podcast or playlist. A good ride is that much better when you have something to listen to. Right?

This is very common. Everyone who has ridden a bike has probably done it at one point or another. But that does not mean it's safe.

Eye injuries on the job: Get medical care fast

There is nothing quite as frightening as getting hurt with the potential of losing your sight partially or completely as a result. Depending on the field you work in, your eyes may be exposed to hazards regularly.

In construction, for example, chemicals, dust and debris pose a threat to your eyesight. Welding can create bright lights and heat that threaten your sight, too. Overall, no matter what industry you're in, your eyes could be at risk if you suffer a workplace injury.

Scaffolding accidents at construction sites

While we notice buildings being constructed all around us, many of us do not know what all goes into it. Construction work requires much manual labor, work at great heights and heavy machinery. Thus, the safety issues can be plentiful. Although steps are taken to increase safety through training and safety gear, this does not always prevent construction site accidents from happening.

One of the most severe construction site accidents involves falls from a height. In fact, scaffolding accidents account for a large portion of these type of fall accidents. It is estimated that 65% of all construction workers work on scaffold, so it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most common type of accident at a construction site.

What are the most common workplace injuries for women?

Workers in California and elsewhere must interact with their workplace environment. Whether it is an office, vehicle, factory or a construction site, this means dealing with the factors and people within the workplace. For many, this means very little to them, as it does not cause any disruptions. However, for some, this means safety issues that could result in workplace injuries.

What are the most common workplace injuries for women? The answer to this question may come as a surprise. Based on current data, assaults are considered to be the most common cause of workplace injuries among women. It was found that 70% of the nonfatal assault-related injuries that result in days missed from work are impacted by other safety issues.

Recovering compensation following a construction accident

Much like any workplace, a construction site in San Diego has many working parts. In addition to the laborers, there are supervisors, planners, managers and other professionals that not only focus on how to get a project completed but also how to ensure the safety of the workers. Because it is the responsibility of everyone to keep the worksite safe, dangerous conditions could arise if one party fails to meet their duty of care. Because many construction sites are often filled with contractors and subcontractors, the risk of injury could fall upon anyone on the worksite.

A construction site accident could be a very serious incident. Falls are a major risk at these sites, as many workers are working at heights to help construct a home or building. Even if the heights are not extensive, a fall from the ground level, such as a slip or a trip, could result in injuries to the head, back and limbs.

4 construction site hazards to watch out for

If you are new to the San Diego construction industry, you may not realize yet just how dangerous your job is. You may know one or two people who have had minor accidents of the hammer-meets-thumb variety, or you might have heard a few stories about a guy that knows a guy that saw a worker fall from a roof.

While the more horrific accidents seem like something that is unlikely to happen, the reality is that things can go terribly wrong in a split second on any day of the week. This is why safety is a major issue on construction sites. Even a seemingly minor mistake can come with catastrophic consequences.

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