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Hit on a car lot? You may have a workers' compensation claim

Your team works with cars day in and day out. Part of your job requires you to get into vehicles, to drive them and to park them on your lot.

Where you work, a dealership with a mechanic shop, there are always people coming and going. Unfortunately, they aren't always cautious, and accidents do happen. Yours happened as a coworker pulled a vehicle forward. Instead of slowing down when they saw you approaching, they accidentally hit the gas. They put on the brakes quickly, but it wasn't soon enough. You ended up with significant injuries.

2 suffer life-threatening injuries in Interstate 8 collision

Wrong-way crashes tend to be significant because both vehicles hit each other at higher speeds. If they don't brake, the impact can have much more force than if this was a side-impact or rear-end collision.

In one head-on crash in La Mesa, two drivers suffered severe injuries after colliding on Interstate 8. The crash happened shortly after 911 dispatchers were informed that there was an SUV traveling west in the eastbound lanes of the highway.

When should you see a doctor for a shoulder injury?

Shoulder injuries are fairly common throughout many industries. Whether you work in a factory and lift items or end up involved in an accident on the job that impacts your shoulder, you could find that you need to seek medical treatment.

When your shoulder injury occurs as a result of your time on the job, it's essential that you look into workers' compensation. When you're hurt while working, that insurance coverage is supposed to be there to provide for you. Your employer should be willing to talk to you about seeing a doctor for your injury as well as helping you file a claim for workers' compensation coverage.

Noxious fumes can be deadly: Don't mix ammonia and bleach

You were working with a colleague when they did something incredibly dangerous. They mixed up two cleaning supplies and ended up creating noxious, toxic fumes. You both ended up in the hospital, and it was a few days before you had any kind of significant recovery.

If you work with cleaning supplies, you need to know what you can and cannot mix. Two of the most dangerous chemicals to mix together are ammonia and bleach, both of which are used in many of the cleaning supplies found in the U.S. today.

Seek compensation if you're hit by a falling object at work

You love working in construction because it gets you outside and moving. You love working with people to build things and enjoy seeing the finished product. Unfortunately, you also realize that there are some serious injuries that can be suffered if people aren't cautious.

That's what happened to you recently. A new set of workers was brought in to help with a project, and the workers were not as careful as they should have been. They didn't use personal protective equipment and seemed to joke around too much.

Coronavirus concerns worry workers who may need to miss work

Workers' compensation can help cover you when you are injured on the job, but what happens when it's not an injury but an illness that strikes? People in San Diego may be interested to know that California's paid sick leave laws do require employers to offer you paid time off.

The Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 now requires that employers provide employees with an hour of leave for every 30 hours that they work so long as they work at least 30 hours a year. They can then take that leave whenever they are ill or when they need to take care of someone in their family who is sick.

Hurt driving for work? It may be covered by workers' compensation

You were on your way to a client's home when you noticed a flash out of the corner of your eye. Moments later, you found yourself spinning after an impact from another vehicle.

When everything finally stopped moving, you realized you'd hit your head and were pinned in your seat. You were in the center of an intersection, but other drivers fortunately saw the incident and stopped. You're lucky to be alive, but now you can't get to your meeting and aren't even sure when you'll be able to go back to work.

Working with chemicals? Be safe and know the facts

You work as a cleaner in a local business, and you've done this job for a long time. It must be over two decades that you've used chemical cleaners to wipe down counters, clean toilets and keep people healthy inside a facility that gets dirty almost as fast as you can clean it.

You have splashed yourself with bleach, breathed in harmful fumes and so much more, but you've always survived it. Unfortunately, you need to remember that you can see long-term health consequences when you regularly come into contact with cleaning solutions, especially at the industrial level.

Postal workers use smart tools to avoid bites

You love your job, but one thing you don't love is all of the dogs that you have to see on your route. While most of them are wonderful, there are a few that you know would attack you if they got the chance.

As a postal worker, you may be able to seek workers' compensation if you're attacked by a dog while on the job. You could also have a personal injury claim, depending on when the bite took place.

Hurt? You can make a claim to seek compensation

There is nothing quite as surprising as suddenly suffering from an injury. Whether you're hit by a car or injured at work, any kind of injury can be life-changing.

When it comes to personal injuries, you often have the ability to hold the at-fault party liable if their actions have resulted in your pain and suffering. For example, if a teen is driving drunk and hits you in a crosswalk, you can certainly pursue a claim against their insurance. Similarly, if you were visiting with friends and were hit by one of their neighbors backing out of their driveway as you attempted to cross the street, you could pursue a claim from them.

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