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Common on the job injuries for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers and medical support staff provide invaluable care to ourselves, family members, friends and others within our communities. But these workers, who work tirelessly to ensure patients receive the care they need, often suffer on the job injuries and illnesses.

Helping you overcome losses after a construction accident

A construction site looks like a major operation. Even when it is a small project, a passerby in California can easily note that there are many tools and equipment that go into the construction or remodel of a home or building. Construction workers are often faced with many risks in the work environment. While most of these risks are known, this does not mean accidents won't happen. As the name implies, some accident just happen and cannot be prevented.

Even though construction site accidents do happen, this does not make the end results easier to process and deal with. Like other workplace accident, a construction accident can be severe. This could require the worker to seek out medical care for an extended period of time. It could also means taking time off from work to heal properly.

Does a dog's breed determine aggression?

One major question that people have about dogs is whether they are born to be aggressive. Certain breeds have gained a reputation for being aggressive and attacking others -- both people and animals -- but that doesn't mean every dog is bad.

Regardless of the breed that a person has in the home, research has shown that early training is key to preventing aggression. Some dogs do get a bad reputation based on a few bad seeds. For example, pit bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweilers are known to be fairly aggressive dogs. Other dogs, like Labradors and corgis, have the reputation of being fun and entertaining for their families.

How common are asbestos-related deaths?

The workplace can look vastly different from one worker to the next, and this is greatly dependent on the industry an employee works in. While some may work in a seemingly safe office and others work at dangerous heights on a construction site, the fact of the matter is that the work environment could significantly impact some workers. Take for example asbestos exposure. When a worker is exposed to this mineral repeatedly over time, this could result in an asbestos-related illness.

How common are asbestos-related deaths? Based on current data, it is suggested that deaths associated with asbestos exposure has been significantly underestimated. Although asbestos is used less and less in the industries that frequently used on it, asbestos is killing more people than one would think.

Understanding whether its personal injury or worker's comp action

Accidents happen. We do not like to think about them, but individuals in California and elsewhere find themselves as victims of a serious accident. It should be noted that not all accidents are the same. Some occur in the workplace, signaling that a worker has certain rights and benefits because of the injury they suffered. In other cases, the negligence of another driver, property owner or defective products are the cause of the accident. By discerning which type of suit applies can help an individual be more successful in their efforts.

To begin, the burden of proof when asserting a personal injury claim differs from the proof needed when filing for workers' compensation. While both actions are due to a person becoming injured; however, the basis for a personal injury action is the fact that someone was likely negligent. That party owed the injured person a duty, they failed to uphold that duty and injuries were suffered because of it.

Can I get workers’ compensation for on-the-job hearing loss?

Workers' compensation claims are famously difficult to navigate for many people, especially if their injuries did not occur in a single instance, but built up over time. While it may be a bit more difficult to document a cumulative work-related injury, this is still harm that a worker suffers on the job, and deserves fair compensation.

If you believe that your own hearing loss is due to work-related causes, you need to make sure that you understand the state-specific guidelines that dictate how you may be compensated and what kinds of documentation you must provide to support your claim.

Fatal hit-and-run pedestrian crash in California

Our days can get busy. We may miss some parts of the day, especially when we are focused on a certain task. However, there is one place where these distractions should not come into play, and that is in a motor vehicle. If a motorist does not take the time to prevent and address any distractions that may come their way, he or she could be held accountable for the harms caused to an accident victim.

According to recent reports, a fatal pedestrian crash occurred in California. The accident took place in Encinitas and occurred when a 62-year-old woman was traveling by foot on a North County freeway off-ramp during the early morning hours.

Bitten by a dog? Use your attorney during the claim's process

In many cases, a person who has been attacked by a dog had met the dog dozens of times before. It was always a little bit of an aggressive pet, but it wasn't biting people. Instead, it would use its mouth to playfully bite, as dogs do since dogs never know their own strength in terms of potential consequences to humans.

Let's say it can got out of hand the last time you arrived to your friend's home. The dog became upset at not getting the attention it wanted, and it clenched down on your arm.

What are the dog bite laws in California?

Owning a dog is a fun and exciting. Having a bond, relationship and a companionship is a positive experience. However, along with the fun come the responsibilities. A dog owner must ensure that the dog is well cared for but they must also make sure that the dog does not harm any one that comes into contact with them. A dog bite can be a serious situation, resulting in a victim suffering serious physical, mental, emotional and financial damages.

California code indicates that an owner of any dog is liable to the damages suffered by another person when a dog bites him or her while in a public place or when they are lawfully permitted in a private place. This includes being on the property of the dog owner and whether or not the owner had knowledge of his or her dog's vicious tendencies.

Typing can lead to workplace injuries

While you may not think that your office job is particularly strenuous, the reality is that there are still hazards you could face. One of those hazards is a repetitive stress injury from typing. If you work an eight hour day at the computer, then you're aware that you're frequently using a mouse, typing and moving in similar ways throughout the day.

There are some symptoms of typing-related injuries that you should be aware of. If you recognize them early on, it's possible to adjust and reduce the strain you place on your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. Here's a little more about typing injuries.

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