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Understanding fall accidents at construction sites

Working in the construction industry means that one gets to help build or repair structures. It also means that these workers are faced with trying tasks that require them to work in challenging and risky situations and environments. While the construction industry is necessary in San Diego and elsewhere, many workers are faced with great dangers in this industry.

One of the most risky features of a career in construction is that fact that many are required to work at great heights. While there area safety equipment to help reduce the risks and safety issues with this, the reality is that falls could still happen. And when a fall accident occurs, the construction worker involved could suffer serious and even fatal injuries.

3 reasons you need to report workplace accidents right away

Dealing with an accident on the job can cause a lot of different emotions. You might feel embarrassed about what happened, especially if a mistake on your part led to the accident. You may also feel worried that your boss will penalize you for getting hurt at work or damaging something.

Sometimes, people feel frustration because they know that a workplace accident and injury will likely prevent them from finishing things on schedule as they planned for the day. Don't let the emotions you experience after a workplace accident prevent you from doing the smart thing.

Certain areas of San Diego are more dangerous for cyclists

San Diego has a lovely climate year-round, so it isn't surprising that many people choose to use bicycles to get around town. Bicycling is an excellent hobby and form of transportation. It provides you with exercise, fresh air and the ability to avoid traffic jams. However, there are some negatives to bicycling on public roadways in San Diego.

The most significant one is the risk of personal injury or even death if you end up in a crash caused by a motorized vehicle. If you enjoy cycling, chances are good you already engage in risk management practices, such as wearing a helmet and ensuring you are adequately visible to the people around you on the road. Beyond that, it may be wise to avoid certain parts of town when cycling, especially during low light times of day and heavy traffic periods.

Hit-and-run involving 2 cars and 2 pedestrians

We travel in motor vehicles for a wide variety of reasons. Because of this, motorists and passengers can be in vehicle for short periods of time or extend period of time. No matter the length of time a motorist is driving, it is vital that a driver is always attentive, follows the rules of the road and is accountable for any wrongdoings. Unfortunately, it is not only negligent drivers one must worry about. One must also consider the idea that a driver may not comply with law and stop following a car accident he or she caused.

According to recent reports, authorities in San Diego are still searching for a hit-and-run driver. Preliminary investigation revealed that the crash involved two vehicles and two pedestrians. The collision occurred near the Haunted Trail located in Balboa Park. Police reported that the accident happened around 7:30p.m. near the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Laurel Street.

What is reckless driving?

Whether are daily commutes are long or short, the reality of the matter is that motorists encounter other drivers each time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. While all drivers are supposed to follow the rules of the road and drive safely, the unfortunate reality is that some drivers fail to uphold this duty. Reckless drivers exist on the roadways; however, many motorists are unsuspecting when they encounter one, especially when the negligent and reckless decisions of that motorist cause a collision to suddenly occur.

What is reckless driving? This is defined as the willful of wanton disregard for safety. With the regards of driving a motor vehicle, this is the operation of a vehicle that shows a willful disregard of consequences. Reckless driving can result in a traffic citation; however, the more concern fact about reckless driving is that it can easily be the cause of a serious and even fatal car accident.

The many dangers of working with machinery in manufacturing jobs

In many ways, modern machinery has revolutionized the work performed by people in the manufacturing sector. Jobs that once required intensive, manual labor are instead performed by machinery. However, humans must work in close proximity to said machinery in order to monitor them for issues, and feed and move component pieces through.

While those machines may save employees from backbreaking labor, they increase the risk for a wide range of potential workplace injuries to the people who repair, maintain and operate them. Anyone who works with heavy machinery in a manufacturing setting should familiarize themselves with the potential risks.

Protecting your rights after a dog bite

While one could own a wide variety of animals as pets, owing a dog is fairly common in California. Many choose this pet because of the companionship they offer. While a dog may be men's best friend, owning one comes with many responsibilities. If a dog owner is not up for fulfilling these duties, it could compromise the health and well-being of the dog. Even more so, a negligent dog owner could be the cause of a dog attack or dog bite.

Even the nicest dog, and one a person has interacted with on numerous occasions, can be capable of biting an individual. Because of this, dog owners are tasked with taking steps to avoid such an occurrence. Therefore, when a dog bite does happen, the dog owner's conduct and knowledge are often put into question.

Understanding construction accidents

Individuals in California and elsewhere know that some work environments pose more risks than others. Take the construction industry, for example. Construction workers are not only often tasked with working at great heights, they frequently work with heavy machinery and tools. These factors create many risks on their own. When other factors such as training, safety equipment and other similar factors, this can create an even more dangerous environment for workers.

It comes as no surprise that fatal accidents occur on construction sites. According to current statistics, 937 deaths occurred in 2015, which is the highest rate since 2008. Of these deaths, falls or slip and trips caused 39 percent. Another 24 percent were transportation related. Additionally, 17 percent stemmed from objects or equipment contact and 15 percent were due to the exposure to harmful substances or environments.

Does workers’ compensation cover repetitive stress injuries?

Most workers understand that they should consider filing a workers' compensation claim any time that they receive an injury on the job, to cover medical expenses and lost income during recovery. However, if a work-related injury occurs over time, the injured worker may be reluctant to file a claim out of fear that their employer may deny the claim. They may also hold out because they are used to living with the injury, or for a number of other reasons.

Many workers may incorrectly believe that repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome do not justify a workers' compensation claim. In reality, these make up roughly one-fifth of all workplace injuries. If you believe that your own repetitive stress injury is work-related, then you should certainly look at all the legal options you have to help you obtain full compensation for your expenses and losses during treatment and recovery.

Airport shuttle crashes with vehicles at San Diego airport

The roads are a busy place. Any resident in San Diego can contend to this; however, many seek to have less crowded roadways so they can feel safer. Regardless if a road is busy or not, one is able to get into an accident at any point or time. When a driver makes a mistake or is reckless, this could be the cause of a serious motor vehicle accident.

According to recent reports, 11 people were injured in a crash that involved a shuttle at the San Diego International airport and several motor vehicles. The incident occurred around 11:20 a.m. at North harbor Drive and Winship Lane.

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