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What are common hazards associated with scaffolds?

In order to complete a construction project, certain tools are used. This goes beyond a hammer and a saw, though. Construction sites do not only require a wide range of tools to complete a job, but the also include mechanisms to help workers work at heights. Whether it is three feet above the ground or 100 feet, working at a height comes with many risks and concerns. This is why certain safety and protective measures are taken when construction workers utilize scaffolds at a construction site.

What are common hazards associated with scaffolds? To begin, a scaffold is a temporary elevated work platform. There are two types of scaffold. The first is a supported scaffold, which is where the platform is supported by load-bearing parts, such as poles, legs or outriggers. The second type is a suspended scaffold. This is where there is one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other overhead support systems.

Helping you recover the workers' comp you deserve

Maintaining a job and making a steady income is necessary for many residents in California and elsewhere. Thus, when an individual is unable to work because of an injury or illness that occurred in the work environment, it is important that a worker understands what can be done to offset the financial troubles that could stem from this unfortunate event.

At Bender & Gritz, APLC, our attorneys understand how the inability to work, even for a short duration, can cause significant financial harm. A workplace injury or illness can require time off to recover, medical treatment and cause lost wages. This can quickly become overwhelming, causing many employees to question what they can do during this timeframe.

How much is a motor vehicle accident claim worth?

If you're involved in a traffic accident and suffer injuries, one of the first things you'll be asking yourself is how much you're going to receive in compensation. Compensation is about more than making sure you receive money for your injuries. It covers damage to your vehicle, the pain and suffering you've been through and any possible future expenses related to the collision.

It is impossible to say exactly how much your claim is worth until seeing all the information about the collision. However, you can start to estimate what it's worth by looking at things like:

  • The amount of money that has been spent on medical care
  • The money spent on travel or accommodations by your spouse or close family who are caring for you in the hospital
  • The estimated recovery time of your injuries
  • The need for physical or occupational therapy

Advocating for your rights following a car accident

Many residents in San Diego rely on motor vehicles to get around. Whether it is to run an errand down the road, to go to work or travel across the state or nation, a motorist is likely to encounter numerous vehicles of various sizes traveling to their next destination. While it is possible for a large number of motor vehicles to travel safely on the roadways at the same time, this is often compromised when motorists fail to uphold their duty to drive safely.

While safety innovations continue to make driving safer and reduce injuries in the event of an accident, this does not reduce the number of negligent and reckless drivers on the roadways. Even when campaigns focus on distracted driving and drunk driving, these dangerous acts still occur. Thus, the attorneys at Bender & Gritz, APLC, are dedicated to serving victims of automobile collisions by helping them understand the cause of the crash and what legal recourses they might have.

Parents reveal how common teens drive distracted

When teens pass their driving test, they often fail to remember that driving is a privilege that comes with many obligations and duties. Each and every driver on the roadways in California and elsewhere owe the duty to drive safe and follow the rules of the road. However, young drivers believe that they can accomplish this with a phone in hand. Distracted driving is an ongoing concern, especially among teen drivers.

A recent study was conducted at the University of Michigan, and it was found that the students surveyed have many friends who are easily distracted while driving. It was further discovered that roughly 60% of parents surveyed stated that they had a child report that they had a friend who lost focus while behind the wheel.

Workplace violence can result in workers' compensation claims

One issue that can happen on the job that people don't talk about is workplace violence. Whether it's a disgruntled customer or a coworker who assaults you, it's a serious offense and one that has to be addressed. No one should have to go through an assault at work, but sadly, many people do.

On your end, you may not want to return to work and could be worried about making ends meet. That's where workers' compensation comes in. In most cases, you can get workers' compensation if you are assaulted on the job.

Pedestrian hurt in multi-vehicle collision

Pedestrian accidents can cause serious harm to victims. Not long ago, this blog offered its readers a post on pedestrian safety. There are many precautions that individuals on foot can take to keep themselves out of harm's way while on the roads, but many responsible walkers and joggers are still hurt in collisions with vehicles. This is because many drivers fail to take care to protect those around them when they operate their vehicles.

Just recently in Pacific Beach, a man was seriously injured when he was struck by a car. The man was in the center divider of an intersection when a vehicle drifted out of its lane and into oncoming traffic. The victim was hit by the vehicle, and that vehicle went on to hit a different car and eventually flipped over.

Pedestrian safety starts with you

Pedestrians are in a tricky position, because they have a right to be on the roads in certain circumstances and nearly always have a right to be near the roads regardless of the reason. On the same note, these people are often endangered by being too close to traffic, even when they may have a right to be where they are.

It is not unusual to hear about people dying in pedestrian accidents. After all, even those who are hit at slower speeds have no protection against the impact coming from such a large vehicle. In 2017, 5,977 people died in these accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many of those deaths could have been avoided.

Dog bites are common cause of personal injuries

Well-trained and well-maintained dogs can make excellent pets for San Diego residents. Many families throughout the metropolitan area keep canines in their homes and count their four-legged friends as members of their households. While a dog can be an excellent companion and a close friend, it can also become a dangerous animal when it is not properly controlled by its owner.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than four million people may be bitten by dogs in the United States every year. While only around 12 fatalities from dog bites are reported each year, thousands of individuals require medical treatment to recover from the injuries and harm they suffer when they are attacked by dogs.

The possible dangers when working with heavy machinery

Many construction workers must work with heavy machinery daily. They will have been trained so that they can do this safely, however, dangers still lurk. The Center for Construction Research and Training found that the second highest cause of fatalities within the construction industries is mobile heavy equipment and machinery.

If you are a construction worker who operates, or is in the vicinity of, heavy machinery often, take the time to be aware of the most prominent dangers. By doing so, you may be able to prevent injuries in the future. The following are some of the most common dangerous mistakes when operating heavy machinery.

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