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What should I do if a pack of dogs attacks?

Some of the most serious incidents of dog bites involve situations in which more than one dog attacks at the same time. Dogs, after all, are pack animals, and they are most effective at attacking when they act together as a pack. Whereas the worst one dog in a pack might do is inflict a minor injury, the pack of dogs can seriously hurt or even kill a person.

Is there really a dangerous dog breed?

Although perhaps not as common in California, many residents of San Diego are probably still at least somewhat familiar with the notion that some breeds of dogs are inherently more dangerous than others. In some states and cities, special laws even exist that impose additional restrictions and rules on owners of dogs thought to have dangerous breeding and are thus more prone inflict serious dog bites.

California dog bite laws: 4 facts for parents

Everyone knows that children do things that adults wouldn't. For example, a child might walk up to a strange animal to pet it without permission. Or, perhaps in a fit of aggression, a teen could kick or maim an animal. While most dog bites are not a result of mistreating an animal, this can play a role in whether you can seek compensation after your child suffers an attack. Here are four things you should know about dog bite laws in California.

An attorney can advocate for injuries arising from dog bites

Dogs are widely considered as man’s best friend. Not only are they popular pets but also act as our guardians against individuals with malicious intent. Despite their adorable perception, a dog is also susceptible to unpredictable behavior in the company of large crowds. While some are accustomed to the constant friendly petting from guests, some do not welcome such behavior but instead exhibit aggressive actions.

3 points you should know about dog aggression

When a dog bites your child, one of your primary concerns is likely whether the dog was known to be aggressive before the incident. It is important to understand some basic information about dog aggression so that you have a better idea of the facts if you opt to seek compensation.

3 tips for recognizing a stressed and anxious pooch

The holidays can be an exciting time for humans, but for animal companions, that's not always the case. Dogs are used to their family members, but not all of them understand why there are many guests coming over or why there are loud parties or events happening so often. Animals that are overwhelmed by the holidays can become aggressive, lash out and potentially cause harm to guests or visitors.

Proving that the owner had knowledge of a vicious pet

Some states practice strict dog-bite laws that, in the case of a dog-biting incident, may place liability on the owner of the animal who will then be required to compensate the injured party. In other states, where such laws don't exist, if the injured demands recompense for their injuries they must provide proof to the court that the owner of the attacking animal was aware of the violent tendencies of the animal.

What does the law say about restraining dogs in San Diego?

No matter how nice a dog treats its owner, dogs are still animals, and their behavior is therefore unpredictable. Indeed, attorneys who represent San Diego residents bitten by dogs often speak to the parents of a young child who was bitten while playing in the neighborhood. Invariably in these cases, the owners of the dog will try to say that their dog is docile, and sometimes they'll argue that it was the child's fault for provoking the animal in some way.

Will your insurance cover you if your dog bites someone?

Here in California, more people are sued over dog bites than in any other state, and by a large margin. If you're a dog owner in the Sunshine state, it is unwise to not know the laws surrounding dog bites and the terms of your insurance policy that may cover damages from a bite.

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