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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

The compensation we fight for in construction site accidents

Construction workers in the San Diego area have dangerous jobs. Any construction site is full of hazards and risks, such as scaffolding, retaining walls, heavy equipment and a lot of foot traffic as people move from place to place to get the job done. Other construction sites present special risks. For example, workers on high buildings risk falling and highway construction workers risk getting hit by passing cars.

Construction accident sends several workers to hospital

A parking garage under construction partially collapsed recently in another city in California, sending up to 20 workers falling 15 feet in to wet concrete below them. Some of those near the site said it sounded like a bomb going off when the structure crumbled.

When tragedy strikes at work, we can help

A previous post on this blog described a tragic construction site accident that happened in the San Diego area and which left one worker injured and another one dead. This type of accident, which involved the collapse of a wall, are not uncommon and, in fact, are often mentioned as a serious workplace hazard that construction crews frequently face.

Construction worker dies at nearby job site

A construction worker who was working on a job at a site in the San Diego area died after a wall collapsed, leaving man the man trapped underneath the structure. Another worker, who was thrown away from the wall when it fell, reportedly hurt his back and his leg in the incident.

How Construction Accidents Contribute To Wrongful Death Cases

The provision of a safe working environment has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years in the U.S. In San Diego, employers are obliged to uphold the safety of their workers at all times in the execution of tasks. This essentially means providing personal protective equipment, implementing adequate training policies and complying with safety procedures to the letter. Such guidelines have become a necessity especially within construction sites characterized by catastrophic hazards.

An overview of construction workers' accidents

Project managers and owners in San Diego are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, which comes in handy in the aftermath of construction accidents. Injuries that are considered to be compensable under workers’ compensation are those that can be clearly connected to your employment condition or requirement.

An In-Depth Review of Construction Workers' Accidents

Accidents are common at construction sites. Such disasters pose a great risk to construction workers. There are varied and numerous causes of injuries that result from construction accidents. Some are obvious and easy to spot while others are obscure and thus take long to be noticed. If you are involved in a construction workers’ accident, it is advisable to seek compensation.

Construction accident leads to manslaughter charges

In California, employers have an obligation to ensure that their workers are safe. This includes providing proper equipment, arranging for training, following the correct safety procedures and making sure that everything at the workplace is up to code. This is true in every workplace, but it's especially important on construction sites, where potentially life-threatening hazards are everywhere.

A construction site accident can be costly and complicated

Employees put a lot of faith in the hands of employers when it comes to ensuring a workplace is safe. Part of that measure of safety and avoidance of any construction site accident incidents rests on the employer and the following of regulations and safety standards. Despite those regulations and safety standards, there are times when a construction site accident occurs in California, and workers may need guidance and support when it comes to deciding what to do next.

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